Some current clients and organisations that Let's Talk Marketing has been privileged to work with include...


“Over the past three years, with the leadership of Let’s Talk Marketing, the regular giving acquisition program has reached target and overachieved on a number of occasions, thereby adding a valuable and long-term stream of income for Seeing Eye Dogs.”
Leigh Garwood, General Manager Seeing Eye Dog & Mobility Division, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

“In 2006/07 Royal District Nursing Service conducted its first telefundraising campaign. Working closely with Let’s Talk Marketing, who guided us through each step in establishing a complex campaign, the results exceeded our expectations. We are continuing to build a solid database with the assistance of Let's Talk Marketing."

Judith Rees, Fundraising & Development Manager, Royal District Nursing Service

"Champagne corks are popping all over. Once again many thanks to you and your great team for your efforts on our behalf." Andrea Cordwell, Retail Manager, Lifeline Hobart