Why telemarketing?

Telephone fundraising is undertaken by many organisations that understand that direct mail is only one of the direct marketing mediums available. Telephone fundraising has proven by many charities to be an effective means to build financial resources and acquire ongoing donors for their mission.

Many organisations have successful, innovative and well managed telephone programs that raise significant funds to support their important work.

Organisations that have trialed donor telemarketing have frequently found that they can acquire donors at a far lower cost (per donor) than acquiring donors by mail. They have discovered that the rate of renewal of phone donors is typically much higher than mail donors and amazing results have also been achieved by organisations reactivating severely lapsed donors. And if you want to convert cash donors to regular givers, nothing works better that the telephone.

What does Direct Marketing Guru Mal Warwick say about telephone fundraising?

Studies show that donors who are contacted by phone tend to remain donors longer and give more generously and more frequently than those who are contacted by mail”

“Why do so many organisations use the telephone so extensively in their fundraising programs?...it works!”

Can Let’s Talk Marketing clean up our database?

As a licensed agent of Sensis and Australia Post, Let’s Talk Marketing can effectively and efficiently update your donor database, cleanse your database and help you to recontact donors. All at a very cost effective price.

Our Data Updater service will run your database records against Australia Post’s National Change of Address (NCOA) file to see how many records can be found, and we will report back to you the number of records that can be updated and the cost of updating them. This initial assessment and report is a free service.

Let’s Talk Marketing is also an agent of Sensis and through Sensis’ facilities, we can comprehensively update your database washing it against the NCOA, White & Yellow pages, Do Not Call Register and other resources. This service, Data Updatermax, results in addresses being verified, updated, corrected and phone numbers being verified, corrected and appended.

When you think of the cost of ringing or writing to donors at the wrong address and the cost of acquiring a new donor to replace one who has moved, it pays to consider these fast and effective data services.

Let’s Talk Marketing is also registered with the Australian Communications & Media Authority and can access and wash lists and databases against the Do Not Call Register

Are you good at what you do?

Let’s Talk Marketing has won many Awards of Excellence from the Fundraising Institute for its telephone donor programs. We are proud to say that we have won Awards for donor acquisition and regular giving programs in three of the last six years.

Prior to Let’s Talk Marketing, Rick Sillett as Fundraising Manager of Scope, won the FIA’s major Award for Most Outstanding Fundraising Project in Australia in 2003. “Project Renewal” was a telephone donor acquisition program and part of a strategy of Scope's to build a significant database of donors that with careful planning and nurturing, would provide a strong source of donations, major gifts and bequests in the future.
In seven months, Scope recruited over 14,000 new donors.