Let’s Talk Marketing is a specialist fundraising consultancy providing campaign management, planning and strategic advice backed up by professional project management and client service to ensure it's clients' campaigns are successful.

Donor Programs

Let’s Talk Marketing has the experience, resources and knowledge to design, develop and implement a successful donor program for your organisation.  Our expertise extends to donor acquisition, conversion to regular giving, donor reactivation and upgrading and bequest lead generation.

If your organisation is seeking to build its database or you want to convert your cash donors into regular givers, then we can help.  Let’s Talk Marketing will formulate the donor strategy and provide you with all the practical and tactical advice to develop your campaign.

We won’t leave you hanging either once the campaign has begun.  Let’s Talk Marketing prides itself on its ongoing client service, campaign reporting and evaluation.  We’ll keep your program on track!!
Let’s Talk Marketing will also provide program management, weekly reporting and assessment of results as well as valuable advice on donor prospect list selection.


Under the brand of Communication Direct, we will provide all the services expected of a modern call centre, centrally located in Camberwell.

Raffles are a tried and true fundraising activity and can be excellent sources of ongoing income. The key to successful raffles is a strong database and ongoing acquisition to account for attrition.

By outsourcing the management and administration of your raffles to Let's Talk Marketing, you preserve precious internal resources for other fundraising activities.

Staff at Let's Talk Marketing have over fifteen years experience in conducting raffles. We bring significant database management, telemarketing and direct marketing skills to bear to ensure the highest financial returns possible.


Fundraising Consultancy

If you’re running short of ideas or perhaps just need that extra bit of advice to help you launch your next fundraising campaign, then allow Let’s Talk Marketing to help you achieve maximum results.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s Talk Marketing has worked with many non-profit organisations both large and small to identify strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and recommend future fundraising opportunities.  We can also assess your current fundraising results and strategies and advise on new directions or tactics to increase return on investment and overall income from fundraising activities.

Having been employed by and worked for various charities and not-for-profits, we understand the realities from your perspective.

Database Management

Let’s Talk Marketing has assisted many organisations to construct and organise their database.  Let’s Talk Marketing can advise your organisation on a database suitable for your needs and if need be, assist you to transfer names of donors on cards and spreadsheets to donor database software.

Let’s Talk Marketing also provides a data deduplication and cleaning service. Go to " Can Let's Talk Marketing clean up our database?"